The Girls Who've Been Featured Thus Far

The Girls Who've Been Featured Thus Far

Monday, January 19, 2015

Boys & Girls -- We want your Homemade Clips

OK, Here's the deal.

If you like Trampling or Belly Sitting, simply send me your homemade trampling / belly sitting clip and we will pay you between USD $20 to $50 for every clip.  If you have a very good video of long, hard trampling or belly sitting I will make it worth your while to send it in.  A few things:
  1. It must be relatively clear (i.e. at least a 600 x 400 resolution is preferable) 
  2. No 'pretending' -- don't send a 5 min video of you poking a belly with your feet, it must be trampling. 
  3. If you're afraid I'll steal your clip and not pay you.  Feel free to watermark your clip -- I'll pay you if I like it and then you send the original. 
Send all clips to

Lots of you have been sending me clips for free movies but I think it's time we share our crazy love for this with each other!  I hope to create a collection of the best (and not so best) trampling clips for sharing on a subscription basis.

If you are interested in working with us as an actor / actress, email me a profile picture, a short description of yourself, and tell me why you are interested in doing this.  If we decide to hire you (it'll be a contractual part-time basis), and depending on the number of videos we make, you can expect to quite easily earn quite a significant sum of spare cash. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sexy Vietnamese Gets Stomach Punched

Ok, I know I've not posted for awhile.  I've just been rethinking my life and whether I should continue with this weird fetish (I'm kinda at a mid-life crisis with a freaking desk-bound career and have been wondering if I should stop making videos).  I thought long and hard and figured... Fuck it! I'mma make stomach trampling/punching/sitting videos for as long as I can.

I picked up this girl at some joint and gave'it to her. 

*UPDATE: Ok, so her stomach was soft and squishy... she was short (relative to me), and when I sat on her I could feel both her ribcage and her hip bones caressing my butt.  If you've ever sat on a girl's belly you'd know this means you've sunk deep into her gut.  (if she tenses her belly muscles, u won't feel her bones cuz u won't sink deep enough to get past her belly muscles -- at least for the first couple minutes). 

At first she was kinda happy and laughing at the idea of what she thought was easy cash, but when she realized I was actually going to go full-weight and all.  She started sobering up.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sample VIdeo -- Obedient Slim Chinese

OK, someone asked me to upload this preview.  Here you go. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Trampling A Girl With A Full Stomach!

(Yes, I know, the quality sucks here. The actual video is HD 720p)

Monday, July 22, 2013

NEW VIDEO -- Sexy Estate Agent

First trample session on a full stomach!  This girl had just eaten her dinner (I picked her up at a restaurant), and then bounced and trampled on her belly. Lots of burping and coughing as she struggles to keep her dinner from coming up.  Multiple sittings on her solar plexus too, to increase the pressure.  You can see her gripping my hands really hard as she struggles underneath. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Belly Punch Story

Sierra and Jenna-- Written By BP Boss

I walked through the halls doing my usual going to my locker after the last bell. I suddenly spotted something in the corner of my eye, I saw the new girl siera talking garbage about jenna the schools most popular girl. Jenna was at the top until siera came along and ruined everything. Siera stole jennas freinds popularity and worst her identity everybody started hating jenna. I thought jenna had enough and apparently i was right cause they were about to fight but a teacher broke it up. Siera went to her locker and took her jacket off showing off her tank top that pressed against her fit belly with faint abs. I walked over to jenna who was staring at a distance shaking her head. I grinned I knew she was planning something to torture siera. jenna had been my freind for a few years now and I knew she wasnt gonna stand there and do nothing. I asked what you gonna do? She said how do you know I was planning something. I replied, I know you to well.

Jenna nice light taned skin with long light brown and nice body didnt stand a chance in looks verse sieras natural tan skin long dark wavy hair she looked like jessica alba. But something in jenna made me like her I came so close to asking her out a couple of times. Well back to the story. Jenna said, im gonna torture her stomach. I replied thats a good idea but how are you gonna do it? Jenna said, im going to follow her while shes walking home then im gonna beat her stomach up, you want to come see? I thought seeing siera get punched in the stomach would be awsome. I grinned and nodded.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Buy Clips At Clips4Sale

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm not dead

All right peeps, stop sending emails asking if I'm still alive.  I'm very much so.  I'll be back and posting soon, but for now I've got some personal stuff to do.

Meanwhile, this is an interesting read:

Random hot chick