The Girls Who've Been Featured Thus Far

The Girls Who've Been Featured Thus Far

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

6X pressure on her belly!!

How much pressure does a girl I'm standing on feel?  

A girl trampled by me feels almost 6X the pressure that I feel when I am being trampled by her.  Let me explain.

For any of you who have been trampled before, you know how heavy it feels when someone (even a small girl) is standing on your belly.  A girl who is 1/2 my weight can only stand on my belly for about 30 secs before I start turning red (and that's with clenched abs).  

Now if I were trampling a girl, I am usually about 2X her weight.  So that means she feels 4X the pressure I felt when she trampled me.  It's the equivalent of 4X her weight standing on my belly.  Ah, but wait, there's more...... 

First, remember Asian girls have small weak belly muscles, because, well, Asian men like girls with small soft bellies so there was never a need to work your abs.  Second, in their endeavor to remain slim and attractive to men, Asian girls have been on a perpetual diet and don't have the protein intake to build any form of significant abdominal muscles.  Thirdly, a female body composition simply has a higher fat content (see  A women can have up to 1/3 body fat percentage (1/3 of their entire body is made of fats -- not forgetting the boobs), and still not be considered overweight by several scientific standards.  The male BMI overweight threshold is capped at 25%.  More fat content means lesss muscle content, which makes Asian girls smaller, lighter, and more "fragile" than man.  (I'm generalizing here, so leave the sexism arguments at home).  A typical women has about 60% of the muscle mass of a male.  (  The women's world weightlifting record is just above 250 kg, while the men's is almost 450 kg.  Thus, in general, a girls' belly is 60% as strong as a males'.  So if I am feeling 1 unit of pressure on my belly, she is feeling 1 / 0.6 = 1.6 units of pressure because of her weaker belly.  So if I feel 4 units of pressure, then she must be feeling 4 x 1.6 = 6.4 units of pressure.  And I have rounded that down to 6X the pressure.  

____________________  Vocab of the day:  Trampler = person who is on top trampling  //  Tramplee = person lying down being trampled

So lets compare this against F/F trampling.  In F/F trampling, everything remains the same as above EXCEPT for the weight on the belly.  Instead of having someone 2X her weight (me) trampling her, lets assume another Asian girl is trampling the Asian girl I trampled.  So the trampler is the same weight as the tramplee.  So if I were her, I would feel 2X the pressure when she trampled me (Gosho trampling Gosho = 2X pressure of Asian girl trampling Gosho).  But WAIT, the tramplee is not Gosho, but a girl with a belly 60% the strength of Gosho's belly.  Thus the tramplee feels 1.6X the pressure that Gosho feels.  So in F/F trampling, the tramplee feels 2 x 1.6 = 3.2X the pressure.  

Gosho being trampled by Asian girl --->  Gosho feels 1 unit of pressure 
Asian girl being trampled by Asian girl --> Asian girl feels 3.2 units of pressure 
Asian girl being trampled by Gosho --> Asian girl feels 6.4 units of pressure 

So when you watch M/F trampling, bear in mind that these Asian girls are enduring A LOT more than what you endure when YOU are being trampled.  


Anonymous said...

Nice theory.. But.. Duration is not always connected to a sixpack.. Allot of people into belly trampling or sitting do not use their abs to bear the weight.. After some time they get used to pressure sinking in to them.. They relax completely and breath through the chest.. Best learned when start with belly sitting though.. So if done certainly can sit full weight on a girl...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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