The Girls Who've Been Featured Thus Far

The Girls Who've Been Featured Thus Far


Hi All, I believe we are a unique community, and I'd like to share some emails from fellow trample lovers. Names have been deleted or changed to maintain privacy.

3/26 EMAIL:
Hi Gosho,
my name is JOHNDOE and I'm located in Germany. I thought I'm the only one, who likes squishing women bellies. Your clips are really great. Its awesome, how the girls bellies got compressed underneath you and how they try to lift you by pushing your calf without any success. /// I will begin to record my future sittings too. Until yet I sat on two skinny women. It is a horny feeling, when a woman is at my mercy underneath my butt. I like to take place between her lowest ribs and her pelvic bone, just on her soft belly, while she is laying on the harden floor. I put my soles either on her knees or beside her knees. Or beside her head looking at her face. Her artery gets big and she groans under my weight. I like it, how her belly gets compressed to a minimum and how she tries to push me up (especially the first woman I sat on). But both women werent able to escape from underneath my bottom, they just wiggled me. I enjoyed the feeling, how their skinny frames (44kg and 47kg) got squished under my 85kg (I'm 178cm). Both of them endured less than a minute me sitting fullweight. I did both sittings as a bet, and promised 1 € for every second she is able to endure. Its fantastic, how they overestimate themselves. They really think, its easy to do and its easy way to earn money. But it was awesome horny in the moment, when I began to sit on the first girl and put my fullweight on her belly. In the same moment the fear and pain came in her face, as she felt my weight and realized that she is about getting to be crushed seriously. It was very horny too, when she tried to push up my butt with her hands the whole time. I have never expected to feel her heartbeat, but it is true, I felt it and somehow you can feel, how her heart struggles to beat. I felt too, that something in her belly slid away from underneath my butt a few times while her belly caved in noticable in the moment. Maybe it was meal or air that got pressed away, I dont know... // I have to admit, I wanted to stand fullweight on the belly of a girl onefoot too, but I was afraid to try. I thought, that her guts or something else would come out of her anus (I was nearly twice of her !!!). Now I'm surprised watching your sample clip, the girls can endure your weight. Maybe they were able to endure, cause you are standing on them on the soft bed. But on the other hand you are heavier than me. // Gosho, I'm looking forward to see your next standing or sitting on a girls belly. Do you weigh 200 lbs or 220 lbs ? Would you sit on a girls belly too, while she is laying on the harden floor? Is there a possibility to pay with regular mail too, without paypal (cash in mailer)?
REPLY -- Thank you for your email. I'm happy to hear you also like trampling! First, I'd like to share your email with everyone on my site, are you OK if I publish it? I will remove your name and just print what you wrote. When you sat on the women and her stomach caved in, it was probably her stomach muscle that gave up, and then her stomach and intestines had to go up into her diaphragm. How long did you sit on her? And how heavy are you? Actually I also really like stomach sitting... in fact, I go to the gym and exercise my butt so it becomes more firm and shapely so when I sit, I only sit on her stomach, and not sit on her ribs and pelvic bones at the same time, -- I want her stomach to take my full weight. // For some of the girls, I tell them to relax their stomach so I can feel the heartbeat, once you feel her heartbeat it means she has given up and you are sitting on her belly without any resistance. Her femoral artery is just infront of her backbone, so it means your butt has gone through all her organs and reached her backbone! // I really like some of the German clips, like Dune Feet. I think German girls are some of the most sexy and accommodating girls. But Asian girls are also good because they are very willing to make you happy, and they have very nice soft (weak) bellies. // Let me know about your next trample experience. I am looking for others to help me post to the website, so if you want to contribute to the website, like write stories or post pictures, let me know and maybe I can make you an account. // Have fun, and start looking for your third girl to sit on! //
REPLY(2) -- Oh I forgot to reply your questions. I am 220lbs. You can mail me the cash but it would pretty slow and a bit risky (to mail cash). Theres 2 alternatives: (1) you can just use credit card to pay on the Paypal website too. Paypal will accept your credit card and charge it like a regular merchant. Or (2), you can directly transfer the funds to my bank. But there'll be international transaction fees and all that. I suggest you use paypal. For now, I've attached a video for free. Hope you like it. 

Hi Gosho,  first of all thank you for the video for free. I will commend it later in this email. I sat on the girls bellies while the they were laying on the floor (on the carpet). On the first girl I sat on face to face with my soles resting on the floor beside her head for 52 seconds (weight 44kg). On the second girl I sat on backwards with my soles resting on her knees for 38 seconds (weight 47kg). I'm 178cm and weighing 85kg.  I weighed and measured myself and herself after sitting on and I used the timer of my mobile phone after I took place fullweight. I sat on their soft stomach too. I did not sit on the ribs and pelvic bone, I just sat on the soft area (between her lowest ribs and her pelvic bone).
Your clip is just awesome, I watched it several times:
You sat on her from 00:34 to 00:49 (= 15 seconds nonstop)
You stood on her from 01:11 to 01:16 (= 5 seconds nonstop)
You sat on her from 01:44 to 02:06 (= 22 seconds nonstop)
You stood on her from 02:29 to 02:37 (= 8 seconds nonstop) and she hit you.
Was she angry, what did she say to you?
You sat on her with a ball from 03:42 to 03:52 (= 10 seconds nonstop)
You sat on her from 04:30 to 04:52 (= 22 seconds nonstop)
You stood on her from 05:17 to 05:25 (= 8 seconds nonstop) with some bouncings and it was enough to her.
What did she say to you? It seems, as if she wanted to stop getting squashed.
How did you convince her to go on getting squashed?
In 6:27, 6:33, 6:36 and 6:38 she said no, I think she didnt dare getting stood on any more.
You stood on her from 06:40 to 06:45 (= 5 seconds nonstop) and it was enough for her again.
You are right, the asian girl was very willing to make you happy.  A german girl would never and never do this !!!  Therefore I do it as a challenge, cause it seems an easy and good income for the girls. Endure 1 second and get 1 Euro is my offer to them.  I asked at least 20 girls until I found the 2 girls who wanted to try the challenge.  But they didnt expect, they are going to be squashed within some seconds that much and being forced to give up. I asked the second girl, why she didnt want to earn more € and why she give up so quickly.  She told me the pressure was unbearable and she was about to vomit.

3/26 EMAIL:  Just found your site via your youtube video. Just thought I would write you and tell you how much I enjoy what you're doing. Personally I am a guy who likes to be trampled, heavy, multi, long and heavy. But I also like to see smaller women have their stomachs stepped on as well, particularly by other tall heavy females. This is hard to find now that Darknight is no more. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy what you're doing as well. I would encourage you to do more trampling, I'm not a fan of stomach sitting or massaging. If you had more trampling I would probably purchase your videos. I know the girls can only take so much. //   Do you think you could add some f/f trample to your site? If you can't get a tall heavy female around your weight, how about two girls? Just a thought.  //   Also, and you don't have to answer this, but obviously these aren't your average person on the street. Where do you normally get your models? Is it expensive to have them let you step on them? Do they charge by the hour? I only ask because I was once about to venture into this and actually placed an ad for models for f/f trampling. Just curious what the going rate is.  // Anyway, keep up the good work, I'll be back to see what you do next.
REPLY -- Hi there, thanks for your email.  I thought I was the only one with this kinda weird fetish at first but now I realize there's a whole community out there.  I actually like being trampled sometimes.  I'm pretty big and strong but after about 1 min I start getting breathless, so I can only imagine how the little Asian girls that are taking my full weight are feeling.  Most girls are 1/2 my weight or so, so the pressure they feel must be 4X what I'm feeling (since I'm twice as heavy as them).  +  Remember that guys have stronger abs than women.  No worries, I'm hardcore trampling fan, so I don't really like rubbing their bellies in btw tramples too... but I don't wanna truly hurt them either. As to your Q abt the girls, I've posted an article abt it, help that helps.  --Gosho

3/10 EMAIL: Hey do u ever trample with boots i would love seeing that
MY REPLY: Hey, I have actually thought of that. Maybe we'll incorporate it into our next video or something. Thanks for the suggestion. --Gosho

3/9 EMAIL: Any way i am glad you are around on the internet.. I can imagine you get al kinds of requests,,, but okay ill tel you what i like.. I like to see a good belly sitting ...A long time full weight sitting so i can see the weight sink into the belly.. About trampling is for me best on the belly.. slow stepping,,, Belly punching can be fun to watch but it has to be real... Not easy to find people into the real thing i suspect... Anyway..I like your site..So keep up the good work..

3/5 EMAIL: Ohh boy..what a great site you have. Hi there, Just found your belly trampling page.. So good to see someone presenting and enjoying m/f belly sitting and trampling.. I wil buy some clips.. Realy you put more and longer vids on sale soon.. Keep up the good work.. (How/were do you find the girls willing to be trampled and sat on???)

3/5 EMAIL: 我最喜歡看的是踩肚子^ ^ 希望版主能多拍一些

3/5 EMAIL: 想問這個片是否相同,因看截圖是一樣的
The Cover Girl Video (Part 1 of 2) 8 mins
The Cover Girl Video (Part 2 of 2) 8 mins
你可時會更新網站? 網站影片太少了,我想待你更新後多買幾部的.
MY REPLY -- Hi 你好。这两个片不是相同的。整个片子16分钟。还有8个影片还没有上载。等多几天就会上网站了。我们现在还在拍影片,如果有特别想看得片 - 打肚子,踩肚子-- 可以通知我们。

3/3 EMAIL: 你好: 我對你拍攝的踩肚子、压肚子影片有興趣,請問除了網頁上那兩片,其他可以購買嗎? 另外,有打肚子的嗎?
MY REPLY -- Hi你好,对不起最近很忙没有看收件箱。其他的影片可以购买,但是我还没有放在网上。现在在编辑, 可能需要几天的时间。打肚子的片也有,但是也在编辑。上载的时候会通知你们的。 

2/19 EMAIL: 你好,你能看中文?想問你的影片是中國拍攝?或是別的國家?網主你是中國人? 另再問一下你的影片只用paypal付款?可用中國支付寶付款? 如果用paypal,影片是用那個方法給我?影片會是什麽格式呢?
MY REPLY -- 你好。我不是中国人。我是美国人,但是现在在中国住。网页刚刚开始,现在还没有上载其他的影片。将来会放上中国支付宝付款的方法。Paypal换钱之后你就可以下载影片了。文件格式是 *.WMV, 文件大小大概 80-120MB. 你试一下Paypal,如果有什么问题通知我。我也有HD 影片的文件格式,但是那个大概是 700-900 MB. 

2/27 EMAIL: "i liked it alot man very good work should deffinatly do somthing with your fists like grind em in slowly idk just a suggestion amazing work once i get back from my trip ill pry buy another or some more =] "


Unknown said...

Hi Gosho,

Terrific vids. I bought 2 of them and can't wait for more.

I like the sexiest belly ever preview. Do you plan to sell that video also ?


Tiny said...

Great side! I love the barefoot trampling and the flat stomachs when you´re stand on full weight. Did you try to stand on a belly only with your bare heels? I would love to see that.
best regards from germany

Anonymous said...

I found another Chinese site for trampling , and some duplicate picture in your site and his site , it is your partner? the style like yours. if him is your partner and you can trampling that girls, it is very good.

The link is:

Anonymous said...

and some his sample on youtube:

Anonymous said...

i like to crush girls too. I did it few times. I like to see how they suffer under my 230 lbs. i had a case where a woman begged me to crush her to death, offcource i didnt go so far but i trampled her untill she started to gasp for air and her boddy started to shake. I love the feeling of moving guts under my feet

Anonymous said...

I wish a guy here would trample me under their feet . Id do it for free even said...

I would like to try on you

Anonymous said...

Come to me to germany and i trampel on you 2 hours

Unknown said...

Crush my stomach please.... sit on it jump on it and pain it every way.... punch and kick deeply...

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe that this site exists and what is more there are girls (some comments) who like trampling, that's amazing, I have huge fetish about that too
If you would like to talk and maby later do something more, please send me an e-mail:

Anonymous said...

Onde posso encontra-la? Cidade,país? Quero pisotea-la

Anonymous said...

Olá,onde posso encontrar você? Adoraria esmagar seu estômago

Anonymous said...

I want

Anonymous said...

I liked this site a lot because Gosho did exactly what I would like to do with very thin girls. With the difference that I find it fun to only perform barefoot trampling and not other things. So let's say this great site is for me a source of inspiration for my practices that would be even more terrible (and funnier for me and for the viewer - for the carpet girl a little less, but, hey, that's not my problem: -D)
I am a crossdresser "girl" who loves the idea of performing a wonderful intense barefoot trampling with all my graceful 82kg weight (but I'm trying to get to 75kg) especially on the intestines and stomach of skinny girls up to 55kg , adults and consenting. I would like to make themed videos and be a barefoot diva in extreme belly barefoot trampling on skinny girls. If anyone is interested I propose myself as a barefoot trampler for this type of video. In the meantime, I am also pleased to talk about my passion with those who share it