The Girls Who've Been Featured Thus Far

The Girls Who've Been Featured Thus Far

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Belly Punch Story

Sierra and Jenna-- Written By BP Boss

I walked through the halls doing my usual going to my locker after the last bell. I suddenly spotted something in the corner of my eye, I saw the new girl siera talking garbage about jenna the schools most popular girl. Jenna was at the top until siera came along and ruined everything. Siera stole jennas freinds popularity and worst her identity everybody started hating jenna. I thought jenna had enough and apparently i was right cause they were about to fight but a teacher broke it up. Siera went to her locker and took her jacket off showing off her tank top that pressed against her fit belly with faint abs. I walked over to jenna who was staring at a distance shaking her head. I grinned I knew she was planning something to torture siera. jenna had been my freind for a few years now and I knew she wasnt gonna stand there and do nothing. I asked what you gonna do? She said how do you know I was planning something. I replied, I know you to well.

Jenna nice light taned skin with long light brown and nice body didnt stand a chance in looks verse sieras natural tan skin long dark wavy hair she looked like jessica alba. But something in jenna made me like her I came so close to asking her out a couple of times. Well back to the story. Jenna said, im gonna torture her stomach. I replied thats a good idea but how are you gonna do it? Jenna said, im going to follow her while shes walking home then im gonna beat her stomach up, you want to come see? I thought seeing siera get punched in the stomach would be awsome. I grinned and nodded.

Good said jenna follow me. Well what are you waiting for I said? Jenna said for siera to get going home. We followed siera out of the school and through the bus stop. Siera looked back and yelled why the hell are you following me?! Jenna answered im gonna fight you slut. We were at the field this place was a huge field with a few trees around with not one person in sight. Siera took her backpack off, "Alright lets go lets fight"

Siera as I said before was wearing a tight tanktop with short shorts and jenna was wearing also a tanktop with jeans. I thought jenna had the advantage in this one.

Siera with her fit stomach would probably be able to take more punches to her stomach than jennas flat soft stomach.
Jenna sprinted towards siera which wasnt smart. Jenna threw a fist at siera face but she eisily juked it and landed a punch to jennas beitiful face. Jenna backed up in pain siera took advantage and punched jennas stomach, ooohhhh is all I heard she doubled over in pain. Siera moved jennas arm thump another punch straight to jennas flat stomach. Jenna fell to the ground and started to cough so far her plan was failing. Siera went to the ground with jenna and pinned her arms siera took advantage and slammed her fist deep into poor jennas stomach thump thump thump tthump thump five times oooooooooooohhhhhhh
I saw the pain in her eyes. I felt like I had to help Jenna but I was frozen. Sierra ripped Jennas top off, all jenna had on now were her jeans bra, and red all over her once pale stomach. Siera said round two slut, threw Jenna into a nearby tree and held her up. Siera started punding fist after fist after fist. Thump ughhh thunp ughhhh thump ahhh was all I heard. Finnaly Sierra threw Jenna to the ground. I counted 15 punches 3 knees and one final kick to Jenna hile she was on the ground.

I couldnt watch it any longer I ran to jenna on the ground she was groaning and holding her stomach. I could see some blood on her nose. I looked up and I saw siera grinning and nodding. Take care and put some ice on that jenna said siera laughing I felt jennas anger, and in my suprise she got up. Jenna got up slowly but raced towards sieara in anger. How she recovered so fast? dont ask me... Siera had no time to react, and what I heard after was a thump and oooooh right into sieras stomach. She fell back in pain jenna had a running start and siera had no time to flex. I knew siera was in trouble and the fun for jenna was about to begin.

Jenna pinned sieras arms kind of the way siera had done it before. Siera flexed this time and I could see the faint abs getting pulverizrd after each punch. I could see jennas fist going deeper and deeper weekening sieras abs. And I was just enjoying the show. After about 10 hard punches jenna let go and siera went straight to her stomach. Wanna help? Asked jenna as she was preparing for the next punching. I said sure why not? I was getting excited I couldnt ever imagine me punching sieras stomach. She had been unfair to almost a
all of us at school it was revenge time.
jenna picked up siera by her hair and said hold her I did as told and held her arms. thump thump thump each punch hurt her even more. One to the lower belly then two to the upper jenna found her groove after about 10 punches we switched places.

I punched her stomach with power behind each punch. All you could hear was a thump then a groan. I could feel my fist going deep into sieras fit stomach, her mucles failed to protect anything. After about 10 punches jenna told me to stop and let her rest. I have an idea said jenna how bout we tie her to that tree over there and keep the torture going there. I said ok.

So we draged siera to the tree she was in pain and holding her stomach trying to beg us to stop. But she barely had any air left. We took off her tanktop to reveal a top bikini apperently she was going to the beach with some freinds. I could see fist marks on sieras already red belly. We tied her to the tree with some rope I found and we punched away. First I threw a punch straight to sieras solar plexus which took away any breath she had I could feel her mucles dying and her organs rearanging after that punch. Then jenna went with a low punch that made siera groan in pain we alternated and found a groove for about 30 seconds. Each punch landing right into her stomach I could see her pain. After 30 seconds we untied siera and she went straight to the ground barly concious. Then jenna kicked siera one more in the stomach and she suddenly fell uncousis. I kneeled down and felt sieras red marked stomach. I liked the feel of it. Smooth soft an incredible thing. Nice I said then I asked jenna

What are we gonna do now? she replied I dont know but I think were screwd. I looked to jenna and asked why? She was pointing to something about 100 feet away holding her hurt stomach with her other hand. It was, sieras group of freinds about 6 of them we didn't stand a chance so our first option was to run. 

We started running. After about 30 seconds of running I looked back and saw the group running towards Sierra. Luckily they stopped right at where she was laying. We were far now there was no way they were gonna catch us. But looking back I saw one of sierras friends. There was no way they weren't going to just take what we did to their poor friend. The look he gave me was scary. A death look.

Well we ran away and I went over to Jenna's house. We chilled there for a few hours and we talked about everything that just happened. "Is you're stomach alright"? I asked. She lifted her shirt up, it was all bruised with fist marks everywhere. She sat down next to me and moaned "I got a huge stomachache but I think I'll be okay". I put my arm around her and said "don't ever scare me again like that, promise me you won't fight Sierra again". She said "alright but I think her friends are gonna get us back". "Go get some rest I said, You're gonna need it". She went to sleep and I left hoping sierra's friends weren't outside or somewhere close waiting for me.

Later that day I got a text from Jenna. She said she had gotten a text from someone saying to get ready because something big was going to happen.

The next day at school, Sierra had partially recovered and Jenna was fully recovered. I walked around with Jenna all day protecting her in case someone decided to do something stupid. Nothing happened that day and we even walked passed Sierra In the hallway, she didn't even look at us. I could tell she was embarrassed. Strangely nothing happened that day and the week went by silent. Everything was doing fine but about 2 weeks after the accident, I got a text from Jenna one day. It was about an hour after school. It said, listen, I decided to go for a walk and I'm being followed by about 7 people. If I don't make it home in 5 minutes something's up. I got scared and asked if she knew who they were. She said she didn't know but it was probably sierra's friend. I got to go she said. Ok good luck I texted back. I left my house and walked towards Jenna's house, it was a few minutes away. I walked and when I got there I knocked on her door. Nothing. Her parents usually worked late so no one was home. 10 minutes had passed since her last text. I got worried. I texted her and she sent me this. They caught me, this is the last text I'm gonna be able to send, and she sent me an address. That was it? I asked myself. Well there was only one thing to do. I ran to the address on my phone, which only took 5 minutes. A house? I asked myself again. Maybe they took her here but why would they want I do that.

I knocked on the door and someone opened the door. It was one of sierra's friend. Paul, I had seen him before. Ahh I know who you're looking for he said, follow me. I walked in and I cautiously walked behind him. We went upstairs and into a large room. I saw Jenna sitting on the bed. She was wearing short jeans and a tank top. I could tell she hasn't resisted because her face was clean and she looked normal. She ran to me and hugged me and sadly said "they're going to beat me up". Paul left the room and came back with Sierra and 3 other friends. I knew all 3. Lexi, John, and Michael. Sierra looked at Jenna and said "it's time I get my revenge bitch!" Sierra commanded Paul to hold her and keep her still. Paul did exactly as he was told, Jenna didn't offer any resistance. We were way outnumbered. "Can we just talk about it" Jenna pleaded. "No!" sierra yelled. "You Embarrassed me! It's time someone taught you a lesson!" And with that Sierra sent a fist flying into Jenna's stomach. Uhh she tried to go down but Paul held her up. Thump! Another one! Jenna started coughing. "How do you like it!?" Sierra yelled. And with that she sent 4 punches quickly but with strength into Jenna's defenseless stomach. She moaned after every punch. She wanted to fall down and Paul kept having trouble keeping her up. Sierra commanded Paul to lay her down and she made John and Michael help hold her legs and arms down. They did so.

Sierra wasted no time and got to punching quick. She got on fire. She sent dozens of punches into her stomach without break. Jenna yelled and did everything to get lose from Paul John and Michael but they were to strong. Every punch came down with strength and speed. Jenna tried rolling to the sides to try and get lose but that angered Sierra more and she sent fists flailing all over her stomach. Jenna's was in immense pain. I saw it in her eyes. I could tell Jenna had tried to flex at the beginning but every punch had weakened her more and more. After 30 punches there was nothing protecting her which made punches more painful. She yelled moaned mover around but nothing helped. I wanted to do something but I couldn't move. Jenna looked at me once between punches about 60 punches in , I could see it all in her eyes and face. Run! She mouthed it to me, go!

That's when I decided to get up and run at Sierra. I pushed her full strength and she flew across the room. I went towards her but instinctively Paul John and Michael were right behind me. They held me against the wall. Lexi had left the room earlier I don't know why. "Run!" I yelled to Jenna. "The doors right there go!". She slowly got up and held her stomach. Sierra then got up and walked towards her. "Go!" I yelled. She stood there frozen. Looking at me then the door. She said "no I can't leave you here alone". Sierra got to Jenna and pushed her to the wall and punched her twice in the stomach. Jenna fell and curled up in a ball. Suddenly a huge guy that looked like Sierra and Lexi came in. I knew who this was. It was jimmy, sierras older brother. He was 18, 6foot5 and weighed 250 all muscle. He was on the school football team that's how I knew him." Is this the girl that's been messing with you?" he asked. "Well lets make this quick, tie her up".

They Sierra and Lexi tied Jenna to a wall. They rose her tanktop up so you could see her red blue purple bruised stomach. She was in pain, every time she moved she moaned. They tied her arms together and tied them above her head to a wall. Then they tied her feet apart. Jimmy stood in front of her and said, "you're life's going to be hell, don't mess with my sister". Then he sent one pulverizing fist straight into the middle of Jenna's already hurt stomach. Ughhhh!!! Jenna screamed. He kept his fist there and twisted it moving all her insides and causing more pain. He sent another fist with incredible power, and then another one and another. He went all out on every punch so he took a few seconds between each one.

Every single punch pulverized Jenna and she tried with all her might to get away from the ropes grip. Smack! Ugh! 5, smack! Ugh 6, this is what happened every single punch. Jimmy was using his 250 pounds of muscle to help him destroy Jenna with every punch. After about the 25th punch Jenna was almost unconscious, her stomach was bruised badly and she barely reacted after every punch. Michael and Paul let go of me long ago they knew I couldn't do anything. Smack! Uh... 26! Jimmy was getting tired of this. "Why is she so tough?!" He asked Sierra." I don't know" she replied. "One more!" He said. He moved back and threw his fist full strength full body with amazing speed. Smack! Perfect punch! Jenna moved back because of the impact and she passed out. I felt so bad... "Please, leave her alone" I pleaded to Sierra. "Haha, that's only round one" Sierra replied. I was shocked, what else are they gonna do to her. She already learned her lesson u thought." I got to go, glad I could help" jimmy said leaving the room.

Sierra untied her and let her fall to the ground. "Lets take a break, we'll finish later. Everyone left the room locked the door and left me and Jenna in the room. Once they left I ran to Jenna and I immediately picked her up and layed her on the bed. I woke her up, she was in terrible pain. She held her stomach and cried. "I'm sorry this is my fault" I said. "Not it isn't its mine". At that moment Sierra walked in," wow you woke up pretty quick, come on guys tie her down. Her friends walked in and took her off the bed and sat her in a chair. They tied her hands behind the chair and thats when everything got worse. They started taking turns beating her stomach and occasionally slapped her and even punched her face. This lasted for only 5 minutes. They then untied her and put her on the ground and held her. Sierra went and got 1 30 point dumbbell weight and held it at around her head. She threw it full force straight into Jenna's stomach.

Smack! Ahhhhh! Jenna felt pain rushing through her spine, the dumbbell dug pretty deep. They did this 2 more times. Smack! Ughhh! Smack! Ughhhh! Jenna wasn't flexing because she didn't have any strength left so the pain was 50 times worse then it should be, she had to absorb the blows instead of the muscle blocking it. Then Sierra jumped and fell with her knee on Jenna's stomach, smack! Ugh... Jenna was fading out again. "One more thing I want to do"said Sierra. She went down and started raging in Jenna's stomach. She sent punch after punch after punch, right left right left. Jenna passed out after about 10 punches but Sierra kept going, right left right left. Jenna's body was still and every punch went deep into her stomach. Sierra finally stopped and said "take care of her" she walked out of the room, then her friends followed.

Wow... I told myself. I picked Jenna up, waited a few minutes then when she woke up. I helped her up and helped her walk home. Her stomach was in terrible pain and she was barely able to move. I stayed with her for hours. Doing everything i could to make her feel better. I looked at her stomach and it was red everywhere with fist marks everywhere... I higher her and said I promise this wont ever happen again.... Well she got better after about 1 week. But she could barely move because of pain for 1 week. I felt bad and I did everything I could. She never messed with Sierra again except for one time after that, well that's a different story.


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